Method for manually recompling a SCL Module
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2020-07-03 Marko LuukkainenMethod for manually recompling a SCL Module 53/4353/1
2020-02-13 Jani SimomaaMerge "Make it possible to debug SCL compiler in produc...
2020-02-12 jsimomaaMake it possible to debug SCL compiler in production... 64/3864/1
2019-08-22 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "VariableOrResource SCL type"
2019-08-21 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Initialize new cache in flush instead of setting...
2019-08-21 Alpi RimppiInitialize new cache in flush instead of setting it... 34/3134/2
2018-05-31 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Fixes to thread safety problems in SCL compiler"
2018-05-31 Hannu NiemistöFixes to thread safety problems in SCL compiler 09/1809/3
2017-12-27 Hannu NiemistöCompilation of SCL expressions from SCL 36/1336/1
2017-11-23 Hannu NiemistöNew SCL completion implementation 56/1256/1
2017-10-18 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Workaround for missing selection highlights...
2017-10-18 Hannu Niemistö(refs #7559) Fixed location information for import... 22/1122/1
2017-10-11 Hannu NiemistöMerge "(refs #7541) Added support for module deprecation"
2017-10-10 Hannu Niemistö(refs #7541) Added support for module deprecation 94/1094/1
2017-04-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge branch 'feature/funcwrite'
2017-02-02 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Removed logging of PendingVariableExceptions...
2017-02-02 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Added module header feature to SCL language."
2017-02-02 Hannu NiemistöAdded module header feature to SCL language. 15/315/3
2017-01-18 Hannu NiemistöFixed memory leaks of SCL module listening systems 74/274/2
2016-12-29 Hannu NiemistöFixed all line endings of the repository 38/238/2
2016-12-28 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Ensure GetElementClassRequest is not constructed...
2016-12-28 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Remove unused import in DeleteHandler"
2016-12-28 Jani SimomaaMerge "List the unsatisfied dependencies in CanvasContext"
2016-12-28 Jani SimomaaMerge "Adding more detailed message to thrown exception...
2016-12-23 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Re-enabled Acorn transaction cancellation suppor...
2016-12-20 Tuukka LehtonenMerge changes Ib86a41bb,I4fed12d3
2016-12-20 Hannu NiemistöMerged changes from feature/scl to master. 21/221/6
2016-09-19 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Small improvements to statement collision report...
2016-09-16 Tuukka LehtonenMerge commit 'a4c65e9'
2016-09-16 Tuukka LehtonenSync git svn branch with SVN repository r33200.
2016-08-11 MigrationMigrated source code from Simantics SVN