Change mylyn.wikitext plugin names in feature.xml
[simantics/platform.git] / features / org.simantics.ui.workbench.feature / feature.xml
2017-07-19 jsimomaaChange mylyn.wikitext plugin names in feature.xml 21/721/2
2017-04-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge branch 'feature/funcwrite'
2017-02-20 Hannu NiemistöMerge "(refs #7042) Added a new compiler optimization...
2017-02-13 Jani SimomaaMerge "Some fixes for FileImportService to throw except...
2017-02-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Include jetty and javax.servlet plugins (debug...
2017-02-07 Tuukka LehtonenInclude jetty and javax.servlet plugins (debug.browser... 27/327/2
2016-12-29 Hannu NiemistöFixed all line endings of the repository 38/238/2
2016-12-28 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Ensure GetElementClassRequest is not constructed...
2016-12-28 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Remove unused import in DeleteHandler"
2016-12-28 Jani SimomaaMerge "List the unsatisfied dependencies in CanvasContext"
2016-12-28 Jani SimomaaMerge "Adding more detailed message to thrown exception...
2016-12-23 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Re-enabled Acorn transaction cancellation suppor...
2016-12-20 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Bump master versions from 1.25.0 to 1.26.0."
2016-12-19 Tuukka LehtonenBump master versions from 1.25.0 to 1.26.0. 10/210/2
2016-08-15 Hannu Niemistömigrated to svn revision 33108
2016-08-12 Tuukka LehtonenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-08-12 Tuukka LehtonenEnabled tycho plugin and feature source builds.
2016-08-12 Tuukka LehtonenFeature and bundle changes required to build with Tycho
2016-08-11 MigrationMigrated source code from Simantics SVN