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2017-03-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Removed javax.vecmath from target definitions."
2017-03-07 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved javax.vecmath from target definitions. 50/350/1
2017-03-07 Tuukka LehtonenFixed JNA version from target platform definitions. 49/349/1
2017-03-06 Tuukka LehtonenRemove all dependencies on javax.vecmath. 31/331/5
2017-03-06 Tuukka LehtonenAdded org.simantics.views.text[.ontology] for modelled... 47/347/2
2017-03-03 Tuukka LehtonenSupport also Resource inputs in standardIssueContexts... 44/344/1
2017-03-03 Tuukka LehtonenPrevent NPE when comparing a node that is still without... 42/342/1
2017-03-01 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Added start level configuration to desktop product"
2017-03-01 Hannu NiemistöAdded start level configuration to desktop product 39/339/2
2017-03-01 Tuukka LehtonenInclude org.simantics.desktop.product.feature in SDK... 38/338/1
2017-02-26 Jani SimomaaMerge "SLF2J logging from SCL"
2017-02-24 Hannu NiemistöSLF2J logging from SCL 36/336/1
2017-02-24 Antti VillbergMisc. changes to support Selection View in modelled... 35/335/2
2017-02-20 Hannu NiemistöMerge "(refs #7042) Added a new compiler optimization...
2017-02-20 Hannu Niemistö(refs #7042) Added a new compiler optimization (eta... 34/334/1
2017-02-15 Marko LuukkainenAllow bypassing VolatileImage rendering to gain performance 33/333/1
2017-02-13 Jani SimomaaMerge "Some fixes for FileImportService to throw except...
2017-02-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Include jetty and javax.servlet plugins (debug...
2017-02-07 Tuukka LehtonenUse slf4j logger in ExperimentManager. 30/330/1
2017-02-07 Tuukka LehtonenInclude jetty and javax.servlet plugins (debug.browser... 27/327/2
2017-02-06 Hannu NiemistöFilter out CR in resource files generated by graph... 26/326/2
2017-02-06 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Replace crlf by lf in resource files generated...
2017-02-06 Hannu NiemistöReplace crlf by lf in resource files generated by graph... 25/325/1
2017-02-06 Antti VillbergInitial version of purge 24/324/1
2017-02-02 jsimomaaSome fixes for FileImportService to throw exceptions... 23/323/1
2017-02-02 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Removed logging of PendingVariableExceptions...
2017-02-02 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Added module header feature to SCL language."
2017-02-02 Hannu NiemistöAdded module header feature to SCL language. 15/315/3
2017-02-02 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved logging of PendingVariableExceptions from Label... 22/322/1
2017-02-02 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Removed stderr logging from CompileSCLMonitorReq...
2017-02-01 Tuukka LehtonenIncluded Simantics-Desktop product into the platform...
2017-02-01 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved stderr logging from CompileSCLMonitorRequest. 06/306/1
2017-01-26 Tuukka LehtonenParametrize dump-wikis.sh and backup mediawiki sites...
2017-01-26 Tuukka LehtonenRewrote line endings for SCLReportingWriter.
2017-01-26 Tuukka LehtonenBumped target and org.simantics.sdk feature versions...
2017-01-26 Tuukka LehtonenUpdated missing steps into release engineering branch...
2017-01-25 Reino RuusuAdded SCLReportingWriter to org.simantics.scl.runtime... 93/293/1
2017-01-25 jsimomaaMinor enhancement to Scenegraph attribute dialog 92/292/1
2017-01-24 Hannu NiemistöRemoved uses of deprecated functions 91/291/1
2017-01-23 Tuukka LehtonenGraphExplorerComposite now accepts TextTransfer and... 89/289/1
2017-01-23 Hannu NiemistöShowing compilation warnings in SCL issue view and... 88/288/1
2017-01-20 Hannu NiemistöIgnore instance definitions for Eq and Hashable 84/284/1
2017-01-20 Hannu NiemistöMoved SCL parser generator to platform repository. 83/283/1
2017-01-20 Hannu NiemistöAdded a unit test for bug 6989 and some methods to... 82/282/1
2017-01-20 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Undo did not wait for pending cluster updates...
2017-01-20 Tuukka LehtonenAdded org.apache.commons.math3 to target platform 80/280/2
2017-01-20 Antti VillbergUndo did not wait for pending cluster updates to finish. 79/279/3
2017-01-20 Tuukka LehtonenIssues-view menu improvements & Variable-based issue... 78/278/3
2017-01-20 Tuukka LehtonenAdded missing org.simantics.modeling.tests plug-ins.
2017-01-20 Tuukka LehtonenAdded missing org.simantics.db.{tests,testing} plug...
2017-01-19 Hannu NiemistöSupport for () type in CHR relations 77/277/2
2017-01-19 Jani SimomaaMerge "Implemented GraphPropertyRelation with the new...
2017-01-19 Hannu NiemistöImplemented GraphPropertyRelation with the new CHR... 75/275/2
2017-01-19 Hannu NiemistöLog an exception in ModuleSourceRepository 76/276/1
2017-01-18 Hannu NiemistöFixed memory leaks of SCL module listening systems 74/274/2
2017-01-17 Tuukka LehtonenFixed PossibleVariable request to perform correct request 73/273/2
2017-01-17 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved unwanted and broken toolbar contributions 72/272/2
2017-01-17 Tuukka LehtonenPreliminary support for purely Variable based dynamic... 70/270/5
2017-01-16 Tuukka LehtonenTesting small changes to SCL console view drop target... 71/271/2
2017-01-14 jsimomaaDeprecate BinaryFunction in favor of BiFunction functio... 69/269/2
2017-01-13 Tuukka LehtonenFixed adapters.xml line endings to standard LF. 66/266/1
2017-01-13 jsimomaaAdd SCL support for exporting subscription data as CSV 65/265/11
2017-01-13 jsimomaaSome enhancements to GraphLayer-related utilities for... 64/264/4
2017-01-12 Jussi KoskelaAdd stack trace to document server event handler error... 57/257/4
2017-01-10 Tuukka LehtonenFixed component type editor Lift Properties domain... 63/263/1
2017-01-09 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved rubbish included in previous commit 59/259/2
2017-01-09 Tuukka LehtonenAdded missing plug-ins from old SVN repository trunk 58/258/4
2017-01-09 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Save cluster sets only when creating DB snapshots"
2017-01-09 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Cluster sets are written to wrong directory...
2017-01-05 Tuukka LehtonenRemoval prevention of different types of resources... 56/256/2
2017-01-05 Tuukka LehtonenFixed SWT font resource leak from MultiLineInputDialog. 55/255/3
2017-01-05 Marko LuukkainenDisabling display scaling code.
2017-01-05 Tuukka LehtonenDisabled debug prints from ResourceEditorInput2 53/253/3
2017-01-05 Hannu NiemistöDon't add repeated commands to SCL Console command... 52/252/1
2017-01-05 Hannu NiemistöReplaces stdout/stderr by logging in certain places 51/251/1
2017-01-04 Hannu NiemistöSupport for typed subprocesses 50/250/1
2017-01-04 Tuukka LehtonenFixed index query and ontology search request behavior 49/249/1
2017-01-04 Tuukka LehtonenFixed IEditorPart reference (memory) leaks from Resourc... 48/248/3
2017-01-03 Tuukka LehtonenAllow specification of Locale to FormattingUtils.signif... 45/245/3
2017-01-02 Tuukka LehtonenFixed NPE caused by previous change. 44/244/1
2017-01-02 Hannu NiemistöUpdateComponentUids creates a map from old uids to... 43/243/2
2017-01-02 Jussi KoskelaSave cluster sets only when creating DB snapshots 40/240/3
2016-12-29 Jussi KoskelaCluster sets are written to wrong directory until first... 39/239/1
2016-12-29 Hannu NiemistöFixed all line endings of the repository 38/238/2
2016-12-29 Tuukka LehtonenImproved error handling in shared library import wizard 37/237/2
2016-12-29 Tuukka LehtonenFixed databoard Files.writeFile to not open file twice... 36/236/1
2016-12-29 Hannu NiemistöProper error message, when pattern compilation fails 35/235/1
2016-12-28 jsimomaaAdd EditorAdapterDescriptorImpl.toString implementation... 34/234/2
2016-12-28 jsimomaaReflectionAdapter2 does not handle all Throwables 33/233/2
2016-12-28 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Ensure GetElementClassRequest is not constructed...
2016-12-28 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Remove unused import in DeleteHandler"
2016-12-28 Jani SimomaaMerge "List the unsatisfied dependencies in CanvasContext"
2016-12-28 Jani SimomaaMerge "Adding more detailed message to thrown exception...
2016-12-28 jsimomaaRemove unused import in DeleteHandler 31/231/1
2016-12-28 jsimomaaList the unsatisfied dependencies in CanvasContext 30/230/1
2016-12-28 jsimomaaEnsure GetElementClassRequest is not constructed withou... 32/232/2
2016-12-28 jsimomaaAdding more detailed message to thrown exceptions in... 29/229/1
2016-12-28 Hannu NiemistöImprovements to SCL compiler error messages 28/228/3
2016-12-27 Hannu NiemistöReverted if-without-else feature in SCL 27/227/1
2016-12-27 Hannu NiemistöFixing a deadlock. Some improvements to ModuleSourceRep... 26/226/2