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2019-08-02 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Revert "First step to enable reading of cache...
2019-08-02 Tuukka LehtonenRevert "First step to enable reading of cache when... 54/3054/1
2019-08-02 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Define actions already in L0"
2019-08-02 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "First step to enable reading of cache when not...
2019-08-02 Antti VillbergAPI for creating a new File Document 52/3052/2
2019-08-02 Antti VillbergDefine actions already in L0 53/3053/4
2019-08-02 Antti VillbergFirst step to enable reading of cache when not writing 41/3041/2
2019-08-01 Jussi KoskelaSupport PreferredDiagramEditorID in OpenDiagramEditorFr... 51/3051/1
2019-07-30 Jussi KoskelaFixed filtering of connection points when any drilling... 49/3049/1
2019-07-30 Tuukka LehtonenDon't abort typical sync on blocked template to instanc... 48/3048/1
2019-07-29 Jussi KoskelaRevert removal of org.simantics.db.server inclusion 47/3047/1
2019-07-27 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved deprecated ProCore matter to make the platform... 46/3046/2
2019-07-23 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Move debugging options under DevelopmentKeys"
2019-07-23 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Improve utilities for invoking SCL from Java"
2019-07-23 Antti VillbergImprove utilities for invoking SCL from Java 38/3038/2
2019-07-23 Reino RuusuFix issue with updates of SCL module outline views. 34/3034/4
2019-07-19 Antti VillbergMove debugging options under DevelopmentKeys 37/3037/1
2019-07-19 Reino RuusuAdd default property page to StandardModelledView. 35/3035/3
2019-07-11 JaniSimomaaFixing several binding-related bugs 12/3012/5
2019-07-09 Marko LuukkainenLimit the amount of file names shown in the text widget. 11/3011/1
2019-06-19 JaniSimomaaPrevent unnecessary read transaction for synch master... 59/2959/4
2019-06-19 JaniSimomaaRed background color & tooltip for invalid derived... 55/2955/3
2019-06-19 Tuukka LehtonenFinally updated simantics.target after GRPC upgrade 97/2997/1
2019-06-19 Tuukka LehtonenUpdate to io.grcp 1.21.0 and protobuf 3.7.1 95/2995/3
2019-06-19 Tuukka LehtonenUpdate to io.grcp 1.21.0 and protobuf 3.7.1 96/2996/1
2019-06-19 Marko LuukkainenUpdate to io.grcp 1.21.0 and protobuf 3.7.1 58/2958/1
2019-06-14 Marko LuukkainenDo not allow pasting anything to simulation model instances 49/2949/1
2019-06-13 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Define ConnectionRelationType to make searching...
2019-06-13 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Fix endless loop in type inference for over...
2019-06-13 Jussi KoskelaDefine ConnectionRelationType to make searching of... 45/2945/1
2019-06-12 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Support opening multiple selected objects from...
2019-06-12 jsimomaaSupport opening multiple selected objects from same... 44/2944/1
2019-06-11 Reino RuusuFix endless loop in type inference for over-applied... 42/2942/1
2019-06-11 Jussi KoskelaRemove version identifier from the proposed name 41/2941/1
2019-05-29 Marko LuukkainenMerge "Diagram loading concurrency problem with Sysdyn"
2019-05-28 Antti VillbergDiagram loading concurrency problem with Sysdyn 10/2910/1
2019-05-28 Jani MäkinengenerateProposition uses component type name 09/2909/1
2019-05-23 Marko LuukkainenMerge "Allow overriding Open With menu's name"
2019-05-23 Marko LuukkainenAllow overriding Open With menu's name 02/2902/2
2019-05-22 Marko LuukkainenBumped master version to 1.40.0
2019-05-16 Tuukka LehtonenAllow batch issue validation to remove issues with... 99/2899/1
2019-05-14 Marko LuukkainenMerge "SCL functions for regular expression capturing...
2019-05-13 Marko LuukkainenSCL functions for regular expression capturing groups 96/2896/2
2019-05-07 Tuukka LehtonenChanged scldoc output directory to target/scldoc 83/2883/1
2019-05-07 Tuukka LehtonenExport all platform SCL documentation into HTML during... 82/2882/1
2019-05-03 Tuukka LehtonenIndex query fixes after commit 5e340942 75/2875/1
2019-05-02 Tuukka LehtonenAdded Set End Time command and handler as an alternate... 70/2870/2
2019-04-26 Jussi KoskelaIndex tokenized lowercase versions of name and types... 67/2867/1
2019-04-23 Marko LuukkainenAlternative Namespace migration step for Shared Libs 65/2865/1
2019-04-20 Tuukka LehtonenAdded missing 3rd party component licenses to the licen... 58/2858/2
2019-04-16 Reino RuusuFix change of type in component property editor when... 54/2854/1
2019-04-12 Marko LuukkainenBumped master version to 1.39.0
2019-04-11 Reino RuusuFix to handling of value access error reporting in... 49/2849/2
2019-04-04 Reino RuusuSynchronize ModelingUtils.fileDialog() to UI thread. 27/2827/2
2019-03-29 Marko LuukkainenMerge "Fix SCL SceneGraph is omitting graphical elements"
2019-03-29 Marko LuukkainenFix SCL SceneGraph is omitting graphical elements 24/2824/2
2019-03-29 Marko LuukkainenMerge "Improved logic to find imports/includes in SCLTe...
2019-03-28 Marko LuukkainenAllow overriding initContext of DiagramSceneGraphProvider 23/2823/1
2019-03-26 Marko LuukkainenAllow "doNotSynchronizeOntologies" to work. 20/2820/1
2019-03-24 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Added effectful Kleisli composition to Prelude."
2019-03-22 Reino RuusuAdded effectful Kleisli composition to Prelude. 15/2815/1
2019-03-21 Jussi KoskelaImproved logic to find imports/includes in SCLTextEdito... 98/2798/1
2019-03-21 Jussi KoskelaPossibility to define label color decorator rules in SCL 94/2794/1
2019-03-20 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Make SCL compiler accept "." as a valid relative...
2019-03-20 Reino RuusuMake SCL compiler accept "." as a valid relative path... 91/2791/1
2019-03-19 jsimomaaFix server SCL handler value request for procedural... 87/2787/2
2019-03-18 Reino RuusuAlways show version label for non-initial versions. 86/2786/1
2019-03-17 jsimomaaFix async NPE with GraphToDiagramSynchronizer 80/2780/2
2019-03-16 Jani SimomaaMerge "Fetch all audit logging events"
2019-03-16 jsimomaaFetch all audit logging events 79/2779/1
2019-03-15 Marko LuukkainenAllow loading databoard serialized files with type... 78/2778/1
2019-03-14 Reino RuusuEnhancements to UC migration. 76/2776/1
2019-03-11 Jussi KoskelaProvide classifications and datatype for Variable-based... 64/2764/2
2019-03-06 jsimomaaDiagram mapping should remove connections alongside... 50/2750/1
2019-03-02 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Allow effects mapFst and mapSnd"
2019-03-01 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Expose CommandSession in SCL"
2019-03-01 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Warn for existential variables in head pattern...
2019-03-01 Hannu NiemistöAllow effects mapFst and mapSnd 43/2743/1
2019-03-01 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Implemented many type class instances for Set.T"
2019-03-01 Tuukka LehtonenRemove useless ReadGraph effect from addSubscription 42/2742/1
2019-03-01 Hannu NiemistöImplemented many type class instances for Set.T 41/2741/2
2019-03-01 Hannu NiemistöWarn for existential variables in head pattern referred... 37/2737/5
2019-02-28 Hannu NiemistöExpose CommandSession in SCL 39/2739/1
2019-02-28 Hannu NiemistöDon't list warnings in console when module import fails 38/2738/1
2019-02-27 Hannu NiemistöCheck that both returnTypeDesc and parameterTypeDescs... 33/2733/1
2019-02-25 Reino RuusuAdded proper equals() implementations for validation... 12/2712/1
2019-02-25 jsimomaaFix typical toolbar calculations to not throw ClassCast... 84/2684/4
2019-02-25 jsimomaaNo point computing ordered set if resource does not... 83/2683/2
2019-02-20 Marko LuukkainenMerge "Use STR.Component base type for resolving actual...
2019-02-20 Marko LuukkainenUse STR.Component base type for resolving actual type. 60/2660/1
2019-02-19 jsimomaaDuplicate MouseWheelMovedEvent was not actually fixed 59/2659/2
2019-02-19 jsimomaaAdd outline page for SCLModuleEditor2 57/2657/3
2019-02-19 Hannu NiemistöMerge "Data types imported from Java cannot be trivial"
2019-02-18 jsimomaaWIP: Some old-ish adapter registry initialization impro... 53/2653/2
2019-02-15 Hannu NiemistöData types imported from Java cannot be trivial 52/2652/1
2019-02-14 Hannu NiemistöAutomatic deriving of instances for Json 51/2651/1
2019-02-14 jsimomaaAdd lookupJsonField to Data/Json SCL module 50/2650/2
2019-02-08 Jussi KoskelaFixed broken validation of document SCL Handler expressions 46/2646/1
2019-02-04 jsimomaaInitial version of validating derived properties formulas 35/2635/3
2019-02-01 Marko LuukkainenMerge "Fix selectPath returning true for nodes that...