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Fixed multiple issues causing dangling references to discarded queries
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2020-08-14 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved unnecessary dependencies on org.apache.log4j 79/4379/1
2020-04-16 Jani SimomaaMerge "Add missing javax.servlet-api bundle requirement...
2020-04-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Revert "Prime SCL BindingRegistry to shave ...
2020-03-31 Jussi KoskelaFixed the order of shear x and shear y elements 83/4083/1
2018-11-14 Jussi KoskelaRefactor DeleteHandler to be independent from UI
2018-08-30 jsimomaaRemove usage of deprecated SimanticsUI-methods 55/2055/1
2018-07-30 Jani SimomaaMerge changes I7cd072f0,I499dc390
2018-07-27 jsimomaaAdd progress monitoring for DeleteHandler 59/1959/1
2017-12-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Use Consumer interface instead of deprecated...
2017-12-07 Tuukka LehtonenUse Consumer interface instead of deprecated Callback... 94/1294/3
2017-07-05 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "OptionGroup: fixed Names field & ListItem disabl...
2017-07-05 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Fixed diagram copy/paste implementations to...
2017-07-04 Tuukka LehtonenFixed diagram copy/paste implementations to re-identify... 78/678/2
2017-05-17 Hannu NiemistöMerge "(refs #6878) Don't validate SCL expressions...
2017-05-12 Marko LuukkainenMerge "(refs #7216) Removed OldTransferableGraph1 and...
2017-05-12 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "(refs #7218) Sort labels by integer values when...
2017-05-12 Hannu NiemistöMerge "(refs #7215) Preserve identity types in Namespac...
2017-05-11 Marko LuukkainenMerge "Paster.getGraph() method for overriding classes."
2017-05-11 Marko LuukkainenPaster.getGraph() method for overriding classes. 00/500/1
2017-04-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge branch 'feature/funcwrite'
2017-04-03 Marko LuukkainenAllow overriding of CopyPasteHandler and Paster methods 95/395/5
2017-04-01 Tuukka LehtonenReplaced use of deprecated BinaryFunction et al with... 87/387/2
2016-12-29 Hannu NiemistöFixed all line endings of the repository 38/238/2
2016-12-28 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Remove unused import in DeleteHandler"
2016-12-28 jsimomaaRemove unused import in DeleteHandler 31/231/1
2016-11-16 Tuukka LehtonenMerge commit 'b3da313'
2016-11-16 Tuukka LehtonenSync git svn branch with SVN repository r33392.
2016-09-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Re-implement URIStringUtils escape and unescape...
2016-09-07 Tuukka LehtonenSync git svn branch with SVN repository r33176.
2016-09-07 Tuukka LehtonenSync git svn branch with SVN repository r33176.
2016-08-11 MigrationMigrated source code from Simantics SVN