ValueType modifications to satisfy compilation of SCL-expressions
[simantics/platform.git] / bundles / org.simantics.document.server / scl / Document / All.scl
2017-10-31 jsimomaaValueType modifications to satisfy compilation of SCL... 66/1166/2
2017-05-17 Hannu NiemistöMerge "(refs #6878) Don't validate SCL expressions...
2017-05-15 Antti VillbergConsole printing enhancements for documents (Simupedia) 23/523/2
2017-05-04 Hannu NiemistöMerge "(refs #7178) Validator for"
2017-05-03 Tuukka LehtonenMerge changes I7c81eac8,I15581be9
2017-05-03 Miro Richard EklundRemoved IRequest references and usage from Document/All 77/477/2
2017-04-28 jsimomaaSome fixes for resource cleaning spreadsheets in simupedia 68/468/2
2017-04-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge branch 'feature/funcwrite'
2017-02-26 Jani SimomaaMerge "SLF2J logging from SCL"
2017-02-24 Antti VillbergMisc. changes to support Selection View in modelled... 35/335/2
2016-12-29 Hannu NiemistöFixed all line endings of the repository 38/238/2
2016-09-30 Tuukka LehtonenMerge commit 'bf75fd9'
2016-09-30 Tuukka LehtonenSync git svn branch with SVN repository r33269.
2016-09-06 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Some Acorn improvements"
2016-09-05 Tuukka LehtonenMerge commit '4a2d762'
2016-09-05 Tuukka LehtonenSync git svn branch with SVN repository r33166.
2016-08-16 Hannu NiemistöMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/svn' 22/22/1
2016-08-16 Hannu Niemistömerged svn revision 33114 and added desktop and help...
2016-08-11 MigrationMigrated source code from Simantics SVN