]> gerrit.simantics Code Review - simantics/platform.git/shortlog
2020-09-30 Tuukka LehtonenAdd isDisposed checking to avoid unexpected NPE
2020-09-29 Tuukka LehtonenFix SymbolLibraryComposite DnD to cope also with GroupP... 81/4481/1
2020-09-24 Tuukka LehtonenReplace file extension properly in FixExportedOntology
2020-09-24 Tuukka LehtonenRemove apparent LOGGER.info used for transient debugging
2020-09-17 Tuukka LehtonenFix CopyAdvisorUtil.copy2 to copy IsRelatedTo-statement... 59/4459/1
2020-09-10 Reino RuusuAdded org.apache.commons.csv to target definition 68/4368/3
2020-09-07 Tuukka LehtonenUpdate license.html to better match current 3rd party...
2020-08-31 Tuukka LehtonenIntroduce DebuggerCanvasProxy to avoid compile time... 67/4367/1
2020-08-26 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Add utility class org.simantics.modeling.help...
2020-08-26 Tuukka LehtonenAdd utility class org.simantics.modeling.help.HelpContexts 05/4405/1
2020-08-21 Tuukka LehtonenFixed route graph splitting and diagram mapping race... 64/4364/1
2020-08-21 Tuukka LehtonenFix NPE from flagTransform 63/4363/1
2020-08-14 Tuukka LehtonenListen to changes in page settings in DiagramSceneGraph... 80/4380/1
2020-08-14 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved unnecessary dependencies on org.apache.log4j 79/4379/1
2020-08-09 Tuukka LehtonenGet new subscription item unit value from previously... 73/4373/1
2020-08-03 Tuukka LehtonenInherit HandleEventRequest from UnaryRequest to support... 52/4352/1
2020-07-29 Antti VillbergDB query swapping to file system 60/4360/1
2020-07-11 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "ShapeNode with separate stroke and fill paints"
2020-07-09 Marko LuukkainenAdd missing ValueType for G2D.Color 55/4355/1
2020-07-08 Marko LuukkainenShapeNode with separate stroke and fill paints 54/4354/1
2020-07-03 Marko LuukkainenMethod for manually recompling a SCL Module 53/4353/1
2020-06-30 Marko LuukkainenSimple implementation for Issues property tab 92/4292/1
2020-06-26 Tuukka LehtonenInclude component type SCL scripts in textual ontology...
2020-06-26 Marko LuukkainenAllow Issues and Profiles to be used on non standard... 89/4289/1
2020-06-25 Tuukka LehtonenImprove IDE setup instructions based on problems encoun...
2020-06-17 Tuukka LehtonenFix non-compiling ReadGraphImpl.hasStatement implementation
2020-06-17 Tuukka LehtonenAdded transient caching for BrowseContext construction
2020-06-17 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "NatTable based Graph Explorer styling fixes"
2020-06-17 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Optimize ReadGraph.hasStatements(s,p) to not...
2020-06-17 Tuukka LehtonenOptimize ReadGraph.hasStatements(s,p) to not use getObj...
2020-06-17 Tuukka LehtonenStart of AdapterRegistry2 internal query caching.
2020-06-17 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Fixed bug in cluster collection logic that cause...
2020-06-17 Tuukka LehtonenSynchronization can now read children for multi-instant... 23/4323/1
2020-06-10 Tuukka LehtonenFixed bug in cluster collection logic that caused it... 86/4286/1
2020-06-10 Jussi KoskelaOption to copy diagram selection to clipboard as SVG... 04/4304/1
2020-06-10 Jussi KoskelaPropagate ignoreNulls parameter recursively in bounds... 03/4303/1
2020-06-09 Antti VillbergignoreSTSTestAction has wrong signature 02/4302/1
2020-06-08 Tuukka LehtonenFix stupid NPE from DiagramViewerLoadJob 85/4285/1
2020-06-08 Tuukka LehtonenFixed HistoryUtil.importHistoryArchive to open file... 84/4284/1
2020-06-04 Tuukka LehtonenAvoid useless reallocation of empty TreeMaps and map... 94/4294/1
2020-06-04 Marko LuukkainenNatTable based Graph Explorer styling fixes 79/4279/1
2020-06-03 Tuukka LehtonenChanged SCLTypeUtils to not log warnings for non-proper... 68/4268/1
2020-06-01 Tuukka LehtonenContextual adapters must throw instead of returning... 62/4262/1
2020-06-01 Tuukka LehtonenAdded identity-providing constructor for IconButtonStyl... 61/4261/1
2020-05-29 Tuukka LehtonenSet initial priority for GroupStyleProfileEntry 50/4250/1
2020-05-28 Tuukka LehtonenAdded system property for controlling writing of MOD... 59/4259/2
2020-05-28 Marko LuukkainenWorkaround for query cache returning Exceptions instead... 48/4248/1
2020-05-26 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Counting of pending nodes does not work if null...
2020-05-20 Marko LuukkainenUse element transform when doing pick check 45/4245/1
2020-05-20 Jussi KoskelaCounting of pending nodes does not work if null text... 53/4253/1
2020-05-19 Reino RuusuFix change comparison expressions in mapping rules 44/4244/1
2020-05-10 Antti VillbergHandle all AttributeRelation properties 22/4222/1
2020-05-07 Tuukka LehtonenFix GetComponentLocation to work with procedural UC... 20/4220/1
2020-05-07 Tuukka LehtonenReplace scheduleAtFixedRate with scheduleWithFixedDelay 19/4219/1
2020-05-05 Tuukka LehtonenInclude org.simantics.graphfile.ui{,.ontology} in org...
2020-04-29 Tuukka LehtonenFixed CSVFormatter mind floating point inaccuracy when...
2020-04-29 Tuukka LehtonenDocument recommended Eclipse IDE setup in root README.md
2020-04-28 Tuukka LehtonenFixed subscription item data file searching to use... 95/4195/1
2020-04-28 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Use RuntimeEnvironmentRequest2 where applicable"
2020-04-27 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved settings.xml as unnecessary.
2020-04-26 Tuukka LehtonenUse RuntimeEnvironmentRequest2 where applicable 94/4194/2
2020-04-24 Tuukka LehtonenUC SCL script/procedural code editors respect L0.readOnly
2020-04-24 Tuukka LehtonenStructuralUtils.isImmutable now takes L0.readOnly of...
2020-04-21 Tuukka LehtonenMove platform to only work with JDK's >= 11 52/4152/8
2020-04-20 jsimomaaAdd missing influxdb-client-core to target platform 62/4162/2
2020-04-17 Tuukka LehtonenRemoved ALT+SHIFT+Q S shortcut for opening SCL Console 24/4124/1
2020-04-17 jsimomaaJersey package imports are optional, update target... 57/4157/2
2020-04-16 jsimomaaDo not require bundles in jersey but make package impor... 56/4156/2
2020-04-16 jsimomaajakarta.activation-api imports package `com.sun.activation` 55/4155/2
2020-04-16 jsimomaaJersey bundles require jakarta.activation-api to work 54/4154/2
2020-04-16 jsimomaaJersey bundles require jakarta.activation-api to work 53/4153/2
2020-04-16 jsimomaaAdd jersey-hk2 bundle to target platforms 51/4151/1
2020-04-16 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Improvements to styling of connection lines"
2020-04-16 jsimomaaAdd missing jersey-hk2 bundle for InjectionManagerFacto... 50/4150/1
2020-04-16 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "SimanticsExcel interface refresh"
2020-04-16 Antti VillbergSimanticsExcel interface refresh 49/4149/1
2020-04-16 Reino RuusuAPIs for skipping state restoration for non-undo synchr... 48/4148/2
2020-04-16 jsimomaaUpdate simantics target definitions with updated jersey... 46/4146/1
2020-04-16 Jani SimomaaMerge "Add missing javax.servlet-api bundle requirement...
2020-04-16 jsimomaaAdd missing javax.servlet-api bundle requirement for... 44/4144/1
2020-04-14 Jussi KoskelaImprovements to styling of connection lines 38/4138/1
2020-04-14 Jussi KoskelaTake rounding field into account in equals and in hashCode 37/4137/1
2020-04-14 Jussi KoskelaRound corners between non-axis-aligned connection lines... 36/4136/1
2020-04-11 Antti VillbergMove some GraphFile UI from Simupedia to platform 12/4112/3
2020-04-10 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Configurable connection crossing styles"
2020-04-10 Antti VillbergExport did not manage case differences (mode vs. Mode) 11/4111/1
2020-04-08 Jussi KoskelaConfigurable connection crossing styles 06/4106/2
2020-04-07 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Revert "Prime SCL BindingRegistry to shave ...
2020-04-07 Tuukka LehtonenRevert "Prime SCL BindingRegistry to shave ~0.5s from... 14/4114/2
2020-04-06 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "All tgs do not reference L0.ConsistsOf and L0...
2020-04-06 Marko LuukkainenHandle SelectionOutline interface implementation in... 72/4072/1
2020-04-06 Antti VillbergAll tgs do not reference L0.ConsistsOf and L0.HasName 03/4103/1
2020-04-06 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "QueryListening sync is slow"
2020-04-06 Antti VillbergQueryListening sync is slow 36/4036/5
2020-04-06 Tuukka LehtonenMerge "Support pending values in NodeManager"
2020-04-05 Antti VillbergSupport pending values in NodeManager 94/4094/2
2020-04-05 Antti VillbergSpecial RuntimeException to emulate checked exceptions... 95/4095/1
2020-04-03 Antti VillbergExceptions for many functional objects are broken 89/4089/3
2020-04-02 Jussi KoskelaImproved element reordering performance 87/4087/1
2020-04-02 Jussi KoskelaFixed moving elements up/down on diagram 86/4086/1